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The future is not in the existing products but through revolutionising your current development to the next level to meet end-user expectations.​

We are your partners in growth.

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About Us


Customer focused approach is critical for success, and product development requires extensive professional Research and Development for innovation, enfolding a broad range of domains starting from communication, high-performance teams, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM/CAE). If you like to be first-to-market, we help generate new ideas marketed to your clients and design solutions for customer-identified problems.


We actively seek opportunities for the innovation that will produce IP you can sell. Innovation needs confidentiality agreements with the individual companies that govern all visits, and the data collected depends on the companies' rules. Our client's data is secured with HPA encryption, including contemporaneous field notes, extensive copies of project documents, including ephemera, records of discussions, meetings, and interviews, when permitted, and photographs of whiteboards and workspaces when allowed.  
If you are starting from a characterisation of problem types seeking particular examples to solve, or starting from a report of a specific problem, seeking novel solutions, then please speak with one of our consultants to understand technologies, certain implementations, technology costs, and histories of design rationale.


Our Heads-up, only the good ideas count, so it’s safe to put one’s head above the parapet, remembering failures as a learning curve and moving with a positive atmosphere. 
Our recognition is given to all levels for good ideas:  team, leader, and individuals. 
Our management is committed to and involved in innovation and reflective practice.  Our stakeholders remain active in design projects.  
Our team ideas were the ones that followed them through, contributing to continuity throughout the design process and an awareness of consequences.


 Innovation is incremental: finding satisfactory solutions to practical problems and applying them successfully. It is nevertheless imperative to recognise that design is substantially driven by technology; thus, we examine the design, and it is essential to sense broad technical trends.

Modern design is based extensively on modelling and simulation. In today's manufacturing world, we help clients with design drafting and providing plastic analysis that includes all the information required for production, solving 93-95% of manufacturing problems at the design stage. No questions should be left unanswered. 

The future of design lies in measurement and instrumentation technology places significant tasks before measurement and instrumentation science.
And we specify manufacturing requirements with GD&T for the machinist in detailed drawings, so it is measurable, and the drawings will be illustrated to show how the Product fits together clearly. It also includes the information required for the finishing processes. Design, like the whole of technology, will continue to change very rapidly and how well we catch up with it?

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The principles for innovative products are the uncommitted mind, not constrained by current thinking and practice. To renew an existing product or introduce a product in a new market needs the ability for incredible to explore unorthodox ideas. We support businesses and engineering firms in new product development (NPD) with the complete process of bringing a new product to market from the importance of skilled observation and relatively intuitive recognition of the significance of unexpected variations. Our focus is product design, manufacturability, and influencing considerations around NPD, where each new invention multiplies the possible combinations of existing ideas and widens the scope for originality.


If your project needs exceptional performance, it requires high-quality input, creative expertise, and a complex balance among contributing factors. We support development for finding the production of specific products, including materials, systems and methods, and the design and development of prototypes and processes. Rule no.1 defines deliberate, systematic practices will foster inspiration and innovation, so we design and test product concepts and redesign existing products with the subsequent engineering approach in the same manner. 

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Aerial View of Flyover Bridges

Architectural and Civil 

 2d is a common way of representation in the civil industry, but 3D information models for structures improve design quality in terms of accurate drawings, constructability and collaboration. Our parametric 3D design includes;

  • General principles (classification, 3D object model, information, process, management and security, collaboration) 

  • Interoperability for design solutions (design solution, 2D drawings)

  • Interoperability for analysis (3D finite element model/s) 

  • Interoperability for estimation (classification, WBS, CBS, estimation)

FDM 3D Printing


We provide FDM printing service in industrial-grade Onyx plastic material. Guaranteeing every part is intrinsically durable with a memorable matte black finish and assists in economical materials such as PLA, Nylon, ABS and PP plastic as required. 



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Applied Project is very responsive, look after the customers. Applied Project supported my project from Start to Finish. Everything is as planned in the Schedule. Applied Project the way they do business is "customers are not dependent on Applied Project. Applied Project is dependent on them. customers are not an interruption in their work. Customers are the purpose of Applied Project work. Customers are not an outsider in Applied Project business. Customers are a part of it. AP is one stop design shop for all my future projects.


Applied Project has been fantastic at creating a Mogul Depositor design and drawings. There was a lot of back and forth from shop floor to design, which was accommodated well. Applied Project prompt response, completed task as required. We highly recommend and will use them again.


Quick response Good feedback on CDC requirement


Applied Project is very creative and looks after customers with the satisfaction end product.

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