by "Kevin G Jogin"

Applied Project ® is a multidisciplinary creative product development based business in New South Wales. Offers Product Design, Engineering Design Drafting including Industrial, Mechanical, Structural & all Custom Design Projects.

The Short

Kevin G Jogin (KGJ) is a Tool maker, Solidworks Designer and Qualified Project Manager serving in industry since 2000 officially. In year 2020 KGJ formed Applied Project ® as business starting from residence at Liverpool NSW, spent most of resource and funds on startup program and able to provide solutions to small and independent products development projects across Australia includes support to special purpose machine manufacturers to medical device innovators.


I was bored of the classical industrial practices with typical business structure, resistance to change management and organisations lacking to build intrapreneurship.
Decided the best way to fix this undesirable predicament gave birth to was to build entrepreneurs and support business to achieve their strategies through my passion. Consequently, in June 2020 APPLIED PROJECT ® was born.


Our biggest mission to set up APPLIED PROJECT ® was to make other people as passionate about design innovation projects as we are. And so most of the educative contents are posted on regular basis to help and support community which is still our biggest mission today.


We believe value does not lie in currency but in our passion and sharing is way of satisfaction.

sharing is better than you think...


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